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The ‘Largest Logo made from Recycled Clothes’ Record

September 4th 2014 is a significant day in our school’s history. On that day, the school set the record for the largest logo made of clothes, earning EVSS another place in the Singapore Book of Records. Consisting of over 13,000 articles of clothing, our completed school logo measured an impressive 19 metres in diameter. Collecting so many clothes was no mean feat and it is all thanks to the internal and external collection efforts of the Service Learning Club members who sacrificed many hours of their time after school and even coming back on a Saturday. Their sacrifice paid off and we were able to collect close to 8000 garments on that Saturday alone.

In addition, countless hours were spent sorting and folding every single piece of clothing we received. Before the actual day, the SLC members also did a dry run involving over 1000 pieces to create the outline of the logo and the letters “E” and “V” so that markings could be done prior to the actual event. After the rehearsal was completed, they had to transport the clothes back to the VIA room. Despite their task being both physically and mentally draining, the SLC members completed every task without complaint and displayed determination and resilience.  T his record would not have been possible without staff and students who generously donated their pre-loved clothes.