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Pride of East View

Emily Chan Mun Yi

Years in East View: 2006-2010 
CCA: Hockey and Floorball 
2013: Pursuing in diploma in Food Science and Nutrition in Nanyang Polytechnic.
Achievements: A member of the National Hockey Team.

Fond Memories

I joined the national team when I was in Sec 5. Both my Form Teacher and CCA Teacher continued to encourage and pushed me to pursue my dreams. East View has taught me the value of discipline in life. I remember winning the floorball tournament in 2007. that was a very positive life changing experience for me.

Meassage to East Viewians

Plan yourself and study accordingly. It's not cool to misbehave. Enjoy your CCAs.

Ho Han Boon

Years in East View: 2002-2005
CCA: Judo

2013: Member of the Judo National Team and Judo Coach.
Achievements: National team event (Silver)

International Judo Championships (5th place)
Vietnam International Judo Championship (Silver)
Nationals Championship (Gold)

Fond Memories

I remember East View for having a negative reputation in the past. But now I can see a drastic change not only in the students but also the school as a whole. The students are more driven as compared to the students during my time. However, the teachers never change and remained dedicated.

Message to East Viewians

If you have a dream, work towards it, no matter how difficult it is. Your efforts will pay off eventually.

Ho Keng Yan Emily

Years in East View: 2006-2009
CCA: Chinese Orchestra 

2013: Pursuing a diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics in Singapore Polytechnic

Achievements: Director's Honour Roll (2011)

Produced a musical film, Once Upon a Dead

Fond Memories

My best memories in East View would be the time I spent with my classmates and also practicing hard for Chinese Orchestra, My friends and teachers were very understanding and helpful when  they found out about my sickness. They never failed to lend me a helping hand and whenever I needed them. East View holds a special place in my heart till now.

Message to East Viewians

Run the race, keep the faith and finish it well. Remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Never let your circumstances determine who you are or what you can achieve.

Letty Seah

Years in East View: 2006-2010
CCA: Golf and Chess
2013: Pursuing a degree in Arts & Social Science in National University of Singapore 
Achievements: Top N Level Student in 2009 and Top 5NA Student in O Level 2010

Fond Memories

East View teachers helped me develop a love for certain subjects. I remember scoring the highest marks in History in Sec 2 for the first time in my life. That gave me a sense of achievement. Teachers here always helped me to understand the importance of goals and need to persevere to achieve your goals.

Message to East Viewians

What does not kill you makes you stronger. You will have your share of ups and downs. You must always reflect and look for self-improvement. You must persevere. Begin with the end in mind and work towards your goal.

Shaun Ortega

Years in East View: 2005-2009
2013: Pursuing a diploma in Communication and Media Management in Temasek Polytechnic
Achievements: Attained a scholarship from Singapore Civil Defence Force

Fond Memories

My Math and Social Studies teachers always made the subject easier and interesting. Many of my teachers have great communication skills and I realized the importance of these skills. East View is a part of me as it has given me opportunities that I have never had before and has shaped me to become the person I am today.

Message to East Viewians

You must always give your best. Play and work hard as it is possible to do both equally well. Be a proud East Viewian.