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Programmes & Skills

Digital Media and Videography Skills

The club extends its support for students to express their originality and creativeness, by creating opportunities for members- in school and in the community. Members are given an assortment of interactive projects where they will gain a strong understanding of the production process and learn the technical skills to help create original video content. In addition, they will be given a chance to experience different positions of a production team, hence, enabling them to understand the importance of each member in a video production. Members are encouraged make full use of these opportunities so as to become independent and self-directed learners.

Audio Visual

The AVPA Unit handles the everyday running of the PA equipment in school. We are responsible for the smooth running of the assembly, meetings or any events that requires audio or visual support. Our aim is to ensure that we complete our tasks smoothly, efficiently and passionately. We have also added more IT training as well as Cyber Wellness into our programme. Our 15 members groupcurrently hope to serve the school with passion and purpose in our duties.

Photography Skills

Students will learn to take and produce quality photographs in a fun and exciting learning environment. We strive to give them the opportunities to enhance their camera and photography knowledge and also engage in group interaction. In addition, we want to give them the reason to interact with people.