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Modern Dance

The modern dance club is a vibrant and new exciting club to hit east view formed in 2012.

We hope to provide our dancers with an unforgettable learning experience that will provide them with a platform to pursue a variety of dance forms in the future.


  • Nurture our dancers to appreciate dance by exposing them to different types of dance forms from contemporary, modern to jazz.
  • Develop dancers’ strength, stamina and flexibility and students ability to express themselves confidently through dance.
  • Learn sportsmanship, poise and coordination through exposure and training in dance skills and technique.


  • Singapore Youth Festival competition (once every 2 years)
  • Super 24 Competition
  • Danceworks
  • School performance (s) CCA fair, Cultural night, Teacher’s day
  •  Public performance (s)
  • Community Involvement Programmes
  • Intra- CCA skills exchange and activities
  • CCA camp


Ms Idriaty Sabari (Overall In-charge)
Ms Eleanor Cheong Geok Ling
Ms Ting Hui Lin


Mondays, 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Fridays, 2:30pm to 5:30pm


2015 – Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2015 – Awarded Certificate of Accomplishment At SYF Arts Presentation 

Special Mention:

Sune Qi Wei Ericia  (Dance Captain) selected and graduated from Arts Education Branch (Ministry of Education)  Dance Talent Development Programme 2015 (Hip-Hop)