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NCC Boys

The NCC is dedicated to providing a well-rounded soldiering experience for cadets both physically and emotionally. 

As the cadet enters the NCC as a Recruit, he will have the potential to rise through the ranks to obtain the highest rank of a Master Sergeant. In the NCC, everyone has the opportunity to lead. Cadet leaders will hold on to various leadership appointments such as Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant or Quartermaster Sergeant, which are a few of the many positions available. 

In his four years with the NCC, a cadet will be introduced to basic soldiering skills such as weapon handling and firing, camouflaging, survival skills, tactical movements in jungles and foot drills. He will also attend courses in leadership, first aid and possibly overseas exchange trips with foreign cadets. He will also get to mingle with NCC cadets across Singapore via sports and games. 

As an Uniformed Group, the NCC cadet will experience a sense of solidarity and discipline that is unparalled to others. He will mature both in terms of his physical self, and also emotionally as he takes on leadership roles to younger cadets; culminating in a wholesome and unforgettable experience! As he completes his four year cycle with the NCC, he should mature to become a leader of self, and a person of influence for both his juniors and peers alike.


Mr Liu Weilie (Overall In-Charge)

Mr Yong Yoke Keong


Mondays, 3:00pm to 6:00pm


2016 – Gold

2015 - Gold

2014 - Silver