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EVSS National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) was formed to develop our cadets into caring and responsible citizens to realize the vision of moulding the builders of a safe and secure Singapore. Our activities focus on developing leadership skills, character, physical and mental strength as well as community spirit and care and concern for others.

NPCC cadets development will be charted through the following learning paths:

  • Awareness of the organization, about himself and fellow cadets through participation in team activities.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills through experiential learning and activities.
  • Actuating as a leader to participate actively in training.
  • Aspiring to serve and lead as a youth leader.
  • Achieving competency in skills and knowledge.
  • Aiming to groom, nurture and develop cadets.


Mr Yong Foo Nyen (Overall In-Charge)
Ms Mindy Yue Min Er
Mr Ong Song Chin 
Mr Lim Kok Sein
Mr Koh Ngee Lim


Fridays, 2:30pm to 5:30pm


2016 – Unit Overall Proficiency Award (Silver)
2015 – Unit Overall Proficiency Award (Silver)
2014 – Unit Overall Proficiency Award (Silver)