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About Us

The EVSS Alumni Association engages East Viewans, past and present, to continue to contribute to the school and the community even after graduation. It allows East Viewans to network and share in each other’s successes.

Our Logo


The triangle in the alumni logo signifies the three main roles of the association

  1. The coming together of talent of East Viewians through the years
  2. The sharing of resources and talents;and
  3. The expansion of social and professional networks for all East Viewians.

The smaller trapezium symbolises the foundation that the school has provided for its students throughout their secondary education while the larger trapezium symbolises the growth of the alumni as it moves with the school towards greater heights.


To be a well-established committee to provide service for the school and the alumni members.


To provide continual support for the school and foster lifelong relationships between East View graduates and the school community.


To be a well-established commitee to provide for the school and the alumni members.

  1. To build a sense of loyalty to EVSS, our alma mater.
  2. To serve the school through sharing of resources and the diverse talents of its alumni.
  3. To help all East Viewians expand their professional and social networks.
  4. To be the connection between the alumni and the school.

Upcoming Events

The committee is active and has organised numerous events to date. These events provide opportunities for the alumni to get together for networking, as well as to provide the support for school’s events.