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15th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme 2016

East View Secondary School is 1 of the 6 Singapore schools selected to participate in the 15th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme 2016. This programme is an initiative between MOE (Singapore) and the Education Bureau (Hong Kong). It was first carried out in 2000 with 6 secondary schools from both countries. The programme seeks to promote educational and cultural exchange between participating schools as well as to provide opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives, learn social and language skills, and cultivate respect for differences in culture. For the educators, this platform allows the sharing of experiences in pedagogy, out-of-classroom experiences and innovative strategies for Teaching and Learning.

The theme “Connect ● Celebrate ● Collaborate” envisions that the Singapore and Hong Kong student participants would forge connections and build friendships, celebrate their commonalities and diversity, and collaborate through common learning experiences during the exchange programme to build people-to-people ties between the two cities. Participants from the different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds from the city-state of Singapore and the city of Hong Kong are brought together as one learning community through a common experience.

9 students from Class 204 and 205 were involved in this exchange programme, with the first leg spanning from 16 to 26 July 2016. Our students were paired with our Hong Kong counterparts who learnt about the general way of life of the locals as students interacted with one another, with family members and friends of their host buddies. Besides attending lessons with their host buddies, our Hong Kong buddies also experienced other school events and activities such as CCA Immersion and the Integrated Arts Programme. The participants were also engaged through the planned educational visits of the Centralised Programme, which took them on learning journeys to places of interest such as Gardens by the Bay, Asian Civilisations Museum and the Civic District.

A key highlight of the exchange programme is the home-stay segment. This enabled the visiting Hong Kong students to fully immerse in the Singapore culture, through the provision of ample opportunities to hone interpersonal and communication skills, and to cultivate respect for differences in culture.

With the successful completion of the first leg in Singapore, our EVSS participants are looking forward to reuniting with their Hong Kong buddies during the second leg in November this year.

Mr Benson Teo
SHKEP 2016 Committee