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Values In Action

Desired Outcomes


  • Develop the school values of Compassion, Responsibility, Respect and – Resilience in students and staff
  • Develop East Viewians as Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors
  • Provide platforms for contribution to society
  • Use service learning pedagogy to teach knowledge, skills and values
  • Promote lifelong volunteerism
  • Platform to build TSR
  • Improve school image in the community

C2015 Student Outcomes Self-Directed Learner, Active Contributor, Concerned Citizen, Confident Person
EVSS Student Outcomes C2: A Leader of Self & A Person of Influence
C3: Confident Individual Grounded in Values & Committed to the Natio
School Values Integrity, Resilience, Responsibility, Respect, Compassion
Strategic Thrust 2 & 4 Growing Our Pupils
Developing good useful citizens with a heart to serve.
Engaging Our Partners
We build strategic partnerships to support student and staff development


  • Progressive & Thematic Approach
  • Whole-school & Level Based Programmes
  • Scope of Service (Local & Global)
  • Environmental and Humanitarian
  • Differentiated Platforms
  • Varied Level of Involvement
  • Varied Learning Experiences
  • Meaningful & Purposeful Projects


Secondary Two

IPW Cum Service Learning Project
Cyberwellness, I&E & VIA Integration
Respect The Aunties Movement

Secondary Three

Project Sphere Service Learning Model – The Pedagogy
Investigation – Planning – Action – Reflection – Demonstration

Internal & External Voluntary Projects

  • KidsRead Programme (Tampines North Pri)
  • Rag & Bone Collection (NUS)
  • Mural Painting (Internal)
  • Collaboration with APSN School (Carnival)
  • Recycling Drive (Internal & External)

Voluntary Projects through Collaboration with PAYM

  • Food Donation Drive
  • Paint A Smile Project
  • Books For Needy
  • Trash For Food
  • Dengue Awareness Campaign

Partners & Recognition


  • Lotus Excellent Schools’ Green Audit Award
  • PAYM Tampines North CC
  • Singapore Book of Records for
  1. Largest Heart Formation Made Of Toys
  2. Largest Singapore Map Made of Canned Food


  • National Library Board
  • PAYM Tampines North CC
  • Food from the Heart
  • National Parks Board, NEA
  • Project Sphere, HDB
  • Adopt A Park, PUB
  • World Vision

Recognition for students

  • Service Leaders
  • Service Learning Club
  • Level Award Ceremonies
  • ECHA