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Programmes & Activities

Key Programmes

  • Reading Programme
  • Speak Good English

Support Programmes

  • Bridging and Remediation Programme (Semester 1 - Tuesdays, 2.30PM - 4.00PM)
  • International Students
  • Stretching High Ability Student (external competitions)
  • Intensive Revision (Graduating classes)



  • discoveReads is a reading blog by National Library Board (NLB) that allows children and teens to discover new, interesting books without the hassle of registering for accounts. The site is updated monthly with new book recommendations, articles written by the librarians, events and quizzes. Besides reading resources for children and teens, there are also resources for parents and teachers to foster the love of reading at home and in school. You can find out more about discoveReads by clicking on the link, www.nlb.gov.sg/discovereads