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Programmes & Activities

The department aims to

  • Impart values and life skills in the course of teaching and learning
  • Cater to the needs and learning styles of each student
  • Use a variety of assessment modes to provide feedback on the students’ learning
  • Provide opportunities for students to pursue Mathematics at a higher level

Level Focus

Secondary 1 : Foundation Building
Secondary 2 : Exploration and Discovery
Secondary 3 : Discovery and Preparation
Secondary 4 : Intensive Preparation and Consolidation

Supplementary Lessons

  • Intensive Revision Programme (for N and O level students)
  • Bridging Programme (Sec 1) and Remediation (Sec 2 to 5)


This programme aims to equip teachers with knowledge, skills and resources so that they can provide better support to students in learning mathematics. The programme also targets to tackle the following challenges encountered by students
1) Learning gaps
2) Weak command of the language
3) Low motivation
4) Poor memory retention

MOE Mathematics Framework