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Programmes & Activities

Newspaper Reading Programme

All the three language units (Chinese Language (CL), Malay Language (ML) and Tamil Language (TL) run Newspaper Reading Programme every week for one period from Sec 1 to Sec 4/5. Lessons designed enable students to:

  • Interpret informational texts (articles, advertisements etc)
  • Learn to discern knowledge on current issues and apply into their language learning
  • Apply self-values and opinion on current issues
  • Use learnt vocabulary in their oral and written communication
  • Engage in personal reading

Fiction Book Reading Programme

Currently, only the Sec 1ENA and Sec 2ENA ML students are involved in the programme. The lesson which is conducted one a week within Curriculum Time aims to expose students to Malay Language story books written by local writers. The curriculum includes the understanding of the use of literary elements in a story such as development of characters, plot and setting. They also learn how to use analytical and critical thinking during book discussion and relate to the values attached to it. They will be studying a literature book for Semester 1 and move on to Newspaper Reading in Semester 2.

*For further information, please contact Mdm Nurul Farhana Kassim at nurul_farhana_mohamed_kass@moe.edu.sg

Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme

This is a compulsory enrichment programme for non-Chinese / non-Malay students to learn Chinese / Malay language and culture. The programme is be conducted in a modular system. Secondary 1E students will begin with Elementary Module 1 and progress to Elementary Module 2 at Secondary 2E in 2013. All Chinese Language students will learn Conversational Malay Language while all Malay Language students will learn Conversational Malay. Tamil Language and Non-MT students can choose to learn either Conversational Chinese or Conversational Malay.

*For further information, please contact Ms Chen Jiao at chen_jiao@moe.edu.sg

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Programme

The MTL Fortnight is an initiative started by MOE in 2011 to provide opportunities for all schools in Singapore to engage students in the learning and use of their MTLs within curriculum time and outside the context of their daily academic lessons. A wide range of activities will be organized & all East Viewians will be involved either as participants or organisers. The MTL Department takes a progressive approach in planning the activities:


2012 Theme : Know Your Roots
2013 Theme : Value Yourself, Value Your Culture

From 16 January to 27 January, East View Secondary School will be organising its inaugural Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight.. Please refer to the Calendar of Activities.

For more information, please contact
Ms Nuraishah Mohd Isa at nuraishah_mohd_isa@moe.edu.sg
Mr Kiong Yew Loon at kiong_yew_loon@moe.edu.sg