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Programmes & Activities

 In the learning of Science, we seek to empower the learners with skills and tools to know and understand the role of Science in daily life, society and environment.

To support the learning of Science among the students, the department will teach the skills of inquiry. For the Lower Secondary, we have adopted a modular approach in the learning of Lower Secondary Science. Students will be brought along their formative years in their secondary school education learning Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the same pace. For the Upper Secondary, students will learn in greater depth as they specialises in two Sciences. 

Lab investigations and project work are also infused in the entire Science curriculum in East View Secondary where the students will apply their knowledge to solve real world problems. To further enhance the learning experiences, students will be brought out for learning journeys to various places in Singapore such as Science Centre, Gardens by The Bay and Underwater World just to name a few. In house games specially designed by our teachers will help seal the knowledge acquired and aid them in the mastery of Science.